Mobile Phones


When did you last open the packaging

of your new smart phone?

Wasn't the instruction manual a work of art?

Beautiful, amazing

Didn't you carry it around and show your friends?



The manual points towards the phone itself

The Bible points towards God Himself

The persons

Not the paper


If you wanted to communicate with a fish

What would you have to become?


Trinity decided to become man

One of them became a proper human being

His name is



Now comes another kicker

Jesus is man as Trinity originally designed man to be

A man fully engaged with people but also fully engaged

In the circle of romance with the other two


So what's the cross all about?


The death of Jesus was the strategy

The Trinity used to get inside you

To get inside your darkness

Your aloneness

Your inner sadness

Your lostness

Your feelings of un-lovableness


Trinity removes the cold dark stone

In the heart of the pearl

You are the pearl

A priceless pearl

To embrace you back into themselves


This is where the manual comes in

Jesus stated the result of his death would

Make you alive again

Cause you to know you are loved


Jn.14:20 ' You are in me, I am in you and I am in my father.'


One big intimate huddle with you in the middle


That's it

Thanks for hanging in there..


Too good to be true?


Too good and it's true!


 is a ministry of

you are a pricelsspearl...