Who do you have who really loves you?

Is it your husband, your wife, your partner.


Who thinks of you before they think of themselves?

Is it your Dad, Mum, Auntie, Grandmother?


But perhaps you have different experiences

A distant Father, a Mum who doesn't understand


Several Mum's and Dad's


Who in your life has your interests in their heart?

Builds you up with their words

Nourishes you with their comments

Causes you to laugh

Have joy


Perhaps you have some of these

Perhaps you have a little

Perhaps you have none


Where do you go to be on your own?

To be at peace

To find rest


Perhaps you are on your own

Live alone

Feel abandoned


Are you at peace with yourself?


Do you love yourself?


Strange questions?



Do you give yourself time to think about you?

What am I good for

Who cares if I am here or not

I am just taken for granted

I shall never achieve anything



Difficult questions?



Are you suspicious that anyone could really love you?


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you are a pricelsspearl...